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To View the "Big Fish" Pictures from 2014, click on the red button above.
Mike scored First and Second prize this year.  He won with his 4 lb 10 oz Largemouth and Second prize with his            4 lb 2 oz Smallmouth.  Way to go, Mike!!
Brothers-in-law, Chad & Roy, both made "The List" on the same day.  Chad caught a 3 lb 13 oz and Roy hooked into a 3 lb 7 oz.  Father-in-law, Taz, happy for them but not happy that he did not catch one. Keep trying, Taz!
First time on "The List" for Doug with a 3 lb 12 oz Smallmouth.  
Mike hit the jackpot this year! His "double day" boated a 3 lb 10 oz and a
 3 lb 2 oz Largemouth.  He later on caught a 3 lb 5 oz Largemouth!  
Bruce is often on our illustrious "List."  This year he pulled in a        3 lb 12 oz Largemouth.
Pat scored with a bigger bass this year than his wife, Rita, with his 
3 lb 10 oz while Rita brought in a 3 lb 5 oz.  His was a Largemouth and hers was a Smallmouth.  
Jen staged some competition with her Mom & Dad by catching a 3 lb 7 oz Smallmouth.
Eric brought in a 3 lb 5 oz Largemouth for Ed to weigh this year.  
​Burt caught a 3 lb 2 oz Largemouth one morning .
Greg had a great double on this day!  Unfortunately, only one made "The List" weighing 3 lb 5 oz.  The other one was  2 lb 15 oz.  Still a great pair and lots of fun.  
Tyler was the only one in his family to make "The List" this year.  He caught a 
 3 lb 1 oz Largemouth.  
Ed weighs McKenna's fish with the "official" scale, an old baby scale from years ago.  McKenna and Kellen watch to make sure she gets credit for her
 3 lb 4 oz Smallmouth.  

So one day, just for something different, these 5 boys decided to take the pontoon boat out for a boat ride and do a little fishing  Steven was the Captain, while Brian, Tyler, Michael, and Nathan each took a corner of the boat to fish from.  We are sure they had an absolutely fabulous day and lots of fun.   Michael had the most fun and was the winner with his 3 lb 1 oz Smallmouth.  
Rich, a first timer at Lloyd's Cottages, made the list two times.  He caught a
 3 lb 0 oz Largemouth and a 3 lb 0 oz Smallmouth. He was happy to make it!