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To View the "Big Fish" Pictures from 2019, click on the red button above.
Once again Mike W. has clinched the lead of the biggest fish of the year.  This is a 4 lb 8 oz Largemaouth.  He also caught a 3 lb 1 oz Largemouth.  
This is Tom's first fish on "the List."  He is justly proud of this 4 lb 2 oz Largemouth.
Greg caught the first "List Fish" since 2019.  He was happy with this 3 lb 13 oz Largemouth.  
Mike O. was really happy with this 3 lb 10 oz Smallmouth.  It's a beauty.
Steven was really happy to make "The List" for the first time since he was a preteen.  This one is a 3 lb 6 oz Largemouth.
Chris W. brought in a 3 lb 5 oz Largemouth.
Megan made "The List" twice.  This one is a 3 lb 5 oz Largemouth.  She also caught a 3 lb 0 oz Largemouth.  
With the US/Canada border closed for all of the summer of 2020 and a good part of 2021, our list is very short.  The border was opened to US residents entering Canada on August 9.  We were in line to enter on that day and a few lucky people who had reservations for the end of August and September were able to get to "our most favorite place on earth."  Fishing was good and we have 13 on "The List" for 2021.
Bruce sure was happy to catch this 3 lb 4 oz Largemouth.  He has missed "the big envelope" at Christmas.  HA!
This is Ruth's first time on "The List" because she usually fishes for Pike.  She was proud of this 3 lb 2 oz Largemouth.
Mike S. had a great time catching 2 great fish in one morning.  Only one made the 3 lb cut off at 3 lb 2 oz.  Still a fun day.
Pat once again makes "The List."  This 3 lb 1 oz Largemouth is a super fish.