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Michael was super excited to pull in this 5 lb 4 oz Largemouth Bass this summer.  He added this one to several others that are on "the List."  
Second place goes to a newcomer to Lloyd's Cottges.  Chris is a nephew of a long time family here, so felt right at home joining many of them on "the List."  He caught this 4 lb 12 oz Smallmouth Bass in September.  
Dave added this 4 lb 10 oz Largemouth Bass to his catch this summer.  He had a couple others brought onto the property.
Kevin caught two 4 lb 10 oz Largemouth Bass on different days.  He was very happy.
Taz has been trying to "make the wall" by catching a list fish for years.  This summer he really caught a whopper.  He was ultra excited with this 4 lb 8 oz Smallmouth Bass.
Savannah  shows off her
 4 lb 8 oz Smallmouth Bass.  She is happy to join in the family who all love to make the List.
Pat is a perenniel favorite to make the List.  Here he shows off his 4 lb 8 oz Smallmouth Bass.
McKenna shows off her 4 lb 7 oz Smallmouth.  
Ally is very happy with her 4 lb 6 oz Smallmouth.
Clint is another one we see often on our List.  Here is very happy with his 4 lb 5 oz Smallmouth.  
This is the biggest of the many "List fish" Bruce brought in this year.  He has the record for the most fish weighed in and recorded for the summer.  All were released.  This Smallmouth weighed in at 4 lb 5 oz.  
Mike does it again.  This time with a 
4 lb 4 oz Smallmouth
A different Mike brought in a 4 lb 4 oz Largemouth.  Good job.  
Brothers Cody and Taylor had a good week.  Cody started out with a 4 lb 5 oz Largemouth and a 3 lb 5 oz Largemouth.  Taylor logged in a 4 lb 2 oz Largemouth. 
Tom logged in a 4 lb 1 oz Smallmouth while at the lake in September.
Matt made "the List" this year with a 3 lb 14 oz Largemouth
Megan "double dipping" again.  This time with a 3 lb 12 oz Largemouth and a 3 lb 4 oz Smallmouth. 
Chris shows off his 3 lb 12 oz Largemouth to his son.
Zach shows off his 3 lb 11 oz Largemouth Bass
Trey was happy with this 3 lb 13 oz Smallmouth Bass.  Nice fish.
Jay came a long way from home to join his family and bring in this 3 lb 13 oz Largemouth.
Little Gwen was excited to see daddy Brent catch this 3 lb 8 oz Largemouth.
Steven topped off his summer with a 3 lb 8 oz Largemouth.  He had several others that made "The List" as well.
Dan snagged this 3 lb 8 oz Largemouth during his semi annual visit to Clear Lake.  
Deb also had a 3 lb 8 oz Largemouth to show off.  
It's been many years since McKenna visited us at the lake but she hasn't lost her touch.  She shows off her 3 lb 8 oz Largemouth.  
Chris beat Mike this year.  Chris brought in a 3 lb 6 oz Largemouth while Mike hooked a 3 lb 5 oz Largemouth.  
Kasey shows off her 3 lb 4 oz Largemouth Bass
Greg found a little time to fish this summer.  I think he is calling his wife to tell her about the 3 lb 3 oz Largemouth he caught .
Eathan is our youth entry this summer.  He brought in this 3 lb 2 oz Largemouth.  Eathan has been a vistor at Lloyd's Cottages since he was born as has his father.  
Bill wanted to show off is 
3 lb 0 oz Smallmouth 
Kyle added to his families count with this 3 lb 0 oz Largemouth.
Monica bought in this 3 lb 0 oz Largemouth.
While sister-in-law Rebecca shows off her 3 lb 0 oz Smallmouth.
Dylan has a 3 lb 0 oz Largemouth to show off.
The family that fishes together....
Showing off some pike caught early in the summer