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A Great Place For Kids to Grow and Make Memories
Housekeeping cottages in beautiful Ontario, Canada
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Grandpa Dave is teaching grandson Thomas about fishing.  Thomas and his brother Jack are the 4th generation of his family to make Lloyd's Cottages one of their vacation homes.  
Grandma Julie, watches grandson Finn, try to net a fish.  Always good fun.
Sue and Miranda are keeping an eye on the big boat race between Tanner and Shane.  Ava and Sammie cheer them on.  Sammie is testing the lake carefully as the end of our dock was underwater for a while this summer because of the floods.  
Sammie and Shane were having a game of Ladder Golf but Nate thought that the balls should be picked up and rearranged.  Fun watching the little ones.
Ice cream sundaes at the picnic table for Mara and Annie while Yaya (Tish,) helps.  Mom and Dad, Kate and Jon, helped eat as well.
Building sand castles and carrying big pails of water to help,
Ava, Tanner, and Ben hang out on the stump of the old tree.  They wont be able to do that next year as we had the stumps removed.  Big change in our yard.
The armada prepares for a long ride on a beautiful day, going through the locks, and having picnic lunches and swimming.  
"Our kids" preparing for a leisurely kayak around the lake --or maybe a race.
Some of these "kids" including our grandchildren, have grown up here.  They look forward to  being together every summer for a week or two.  They are young adults now but to us they will always be "our kids."  They couldn't find  a better place to be together.
Audrey, Megan and Nicole enjoy a little sunbathing.
While Steven and Whitlee hang out in the hammock.
Elgin, Talia, Alaina,  Whitlee and Steven spend a few hours floating in the tubes.
Hanging at the beach is a great way to spend the afternoon for Megan, Whitlee, and Ava
Steven, Caleb & Josh watch this wicked basketball game with Michael, Adam and Jared.
Then the boys have a fish fry and the next night grill steaks.  Eating is an important part of being at the lake
We have a fish fry on Opening day of the Bass season.  Everyone pitches in to help clean the fish and then the girls sort of take it easy in the lake while washing the fish to check for bones.
Everyone gathers for the Annual fish fry.  Yummy!
The kids all pitch to make lunch for the crowd.  Piles of sandwiches are almost a daily occurrence around our house.in 
They also pitch in to rebuild and fill the flower pot in the front yard.   Then some of the boys load up the Kubota with the winters' fire wood which they then carried into the basement and stacked.  Thanks everyone.  We couldn't do it without you.
A trip to The Opinicon for ice cream is always a great way to spend the afternoon.
Just chillin'
Michael and Greg versus Josh and Jared in a game of Kan Jam is a way to work off that big meal.
A family game sometimes creates big conflicts and lots of laughs. Tyler, Rebecca, Tammy and Nathan try out a new game.
Aunt Tricia loves spending time with Thomas.