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A Great Place For Kids to Grow and Make Memories
Housekeeping cottages in beautiful Ontario, Canada
To View the "Fun With Kids" Pictures from 2018, click on the red button above.
Summer for kids at the cottage is spent just being kids.  The greatest thing here is that they make new friends, renew friendships they made last summer, and spend their days outside in the fresh air and sunshine.
These little guys love to fish . . . .
Search for frogs and crawfish in the lagoon . . . 
And show off their frogs to their older cousins.
Riding bikes and zooming down the hill is a favorite passtime for these kids.
And challenging their older brother/cousin to a duel at the Tetherball pole.
Shane is learning the finer technics of fish cleaning.  He is a natural.
And helping the little ones on the dock making sure they are safe.
I'll do it myself!
These brothers were so excited to get out to play they ran to the basketball court in their pj's and a pillowcase for a cape.
Kids gather around Grandma to get their daily licorice sticks.
These kids decided to do some rock painting during their vacation week.
Weighing in fish often draws a crowd.
On garbage days, little ones like to help.
And then it earns them a ride on the golf cart.
Dueling noodles
After the garbage run, a pose with "the boss."
At the end of the day, cousins watch the sun go down.  
This Blue Heron has been named Gus.  He hangs around whenever there are kids fishing and he is very well fed.  
We are always happy to see our resident loons and their babies.  This year there were two babies which is wonderful sight.