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To View the "Big Fish" Pictures from 2016, click on the red button above.
Kevin wins this year with a 5 lb. 5 oz Smallmouth.  He is a really good fisherman and actually made "The List" many times this year.  Unfortunately, he was so anxious to get that big one back in the lake we did not get a picture of it.  These are pictures of some of the others he caught this year.
Lynne likes to fish but doesn't like to hold the fish.  Fred's arm is holding Lynne's 4 lb 15 oz Largemouth.
Debbie is hanging on to her own 4 lb14 oz Smallmouth, one of several she caught this summer.
Mike sure is happy with his 4 lb 12 oz Smallmouth. He also had a 3 lb 15 oz Largemouth. 
Pat's 4 lb 2 oz Smallmouth was a little bit bigger than his 4 lb 0 oz Smallmouth
Double, double, double.  It seems like we had a bunch of "List" fish doubling up all at once.  
Chris brought in a 4 lb 1 oz and a 3 lb 2 oz Largemouth on the same day.  These were added to another over 3 lb Bass during his stay with us.
Jay needed help from his family to show off his 3 lb 11 oz Smallmouth and his 3 lb 11 oz Largemouth caught on the same morning.  He is another one whose name was on our list this year many times.  
Jared pulled in a 4 lb 0 oz and a 3 lb 10 oz Largemouth.  
Mike shows off his 3 lb 15 oz Largemouth Bass.
Megan has been fishing since she was a very little girl and was very happy to make "The List". with her 3 lb 8 oz Largemouth
We were happy to have Mark and his friends, who we call "The Posse," visit us again this summer.  It has been a while.  Mark celebrated the return with a 3 lb 4 oz Largemouth.
Michael was happy to make "The List" again.  He caught this 3 lb 3 oz Largemouth on Opening Day this year.
Savannah's first stay with us was a successful one.  She caught a 3 lb 3 oz Largemouth.
Nick liked bringing in this 3 lb 2 oz Largemouth.  
Eric shows off his 3 lb 3 oz Largemouth.  
Unfortunately, only one of Matt's two Largemouth Bass caught on the same day made the cutoff.  Only one was exactly 3 lb.  We are sure he had fun catching them, however.  
Bob just made it but with a 3 lb Smallmouth, it was a good catch.  
We always want to remind people that we have great Pike fishing as well.  Ruthie and Sandy along with some of their other friends come up every June just to get out there to catch Pike.