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First time guest at Lloyd's Cottages, Trey toppped "The List" with a 5 lb 10 oz Smallmouth Bass.  He also caught a 3 lb 14 oz Smallmouth and a 3 lb 6 oz Smallmouth.  
Taylor, who is 14 and has been coming to Lloyd's Cottages since he was born, came in second with his 4 lb 14 oz Largemouth.  The same day he caught a 3 lb Largemouth and later in the week pulled in a 3 lb 9 oz Largemouth.  Obviously has been taught well by his parents and grandparents who are long-time guests here.  
Another "double" caught in September by another "first timer" to Lloyd's Cottages, is Travis with his 4 lb 14 oz Largemouth along with a 3 lb 10 oz Largemouth.  A few days later he caught a 4 lb 4 oz Smallmouth and a 3 lb 13 oz Smallmouth.  
Michael was really happy to show off his 4 lb 13 oz Smallmouth Bass.
Matt, with the help of Luke and Millie, shows us his 4 lb 12 oz Largemouth Bass.
Kevin's 4 lb 12 oz Smallmouth Bass and his 4 lb 9 oz Smallmouth were the best of his several others caught during his 3 visits to Lloyd's Cottages this summer.  
Another "double day" was weighed by Holly, another first time guest. She shows off her 4 lb 11 oz and her 4 lb 10 oz Largemouth caught on the same day in September.   
Megan sure was excited to bring in this 4 lb 4 oz Largemouth Bass this year.  
Jeff brought in this 4 lb 3 oz Largemouth this year.  Another one of our September fishermen.
Ed managed to get out fishing a couple of times this year and had some good success.  He brought in a 3 lb 15 oz Largemouth and another day a 3 lb 8 oz Largemouth.  
Nathaniel shows off his 3 lb 15 oz Smallmouth Bass to his younger brother.
Chris brought in this 3 lb 12 oz Largemouth Bass in July this year.  
That's a pretty nice looking 3 lb 12 oz Largemouth that Al caught this summer.   
Bill had a pretty busy Opening of Bass morning.  He brought in a 3 lb 11 oz, a 3 lb 8 oz, and a 3 lb 4 oz Largemouth.  The next day he went out and brought in a 3 lb 6 oz Largemouth.  Lots of fun for Opening weekend.  
Ten year old, Cody, showed up on our List twice this year.  Here he shows off his 3 lb 6 oz Smallmouth. Later he caught a 3 lb 5 oz Smallmouth.  
Greg's 3 lb 3 oz Smallmouth was beat out by his own 3 lb 6 oz Largemouth.  
Bruce is happy to show off his 3 lb 5 oz Largemouth.  He really "works" hard each year to "make The List!"
Dave shows off his 3 lb 5 oz Largemouth Bass.  
Reid caught a 3 lb 5 oz and a 3 lb 4 oz Largemouth while visiting us in September.  
Jim is a regular on The List.  This year's entry is a 3 lb 4 oz Largemouth.
Pat is happy with his 3 lb 3 oz Largemouth this year.  
Tyler caught this 3 lb 2 oz Smallmouth and later in the week caught a 3 lb Largemouth.  Good week's vacation.  
Mike shows off his double catch of the day.  However, only one of these made "The List" at exactly 3 lb.  Oh well, it was a fun day!
Brent doesn't visit us often but this year he scored a 3 lb Largemouth.  Fun for him.
Adam brought in this 3 lb Largemouth.  His buddies are in the background cheering him on.  Good job, Adam.
Of the 47 bass over 3 pounds caught this year 43 of them were released back into the lakes.