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Housekeeping cottages in beautiful Ontario, Canada
To View the "Fun With Kids" Pictures from 2019, click on the red button above.
Summer for kids at the cottage is spent just being kids.  The greatest thing here is that they make new friends, renew friendships they made last summer, and spend their days outside in the fresh air and sunshine.
Swimming at the main dock with Grandpa and then with Mom and Dad are the most fun.
The best of all worlds for 9 year old Jace.  Out in the paddle boat on a beautiful summer day and catching a big bass on his own.  Way to go, Jace.
Tanner challenged Alaina to a Tetherball match.  Not sure who won this one.  
Liam's first fish and he is quite serious about the whole episode.  
McKenna is showing off her Bass to Tristan.  He really wanted to see it but wasn't sure about holding it.   
These little guys loved sitting on Ed's big tractor while Mom and Dad visit with Ed and Dell. 
Thomas and Jack love to catch a ride with Dell on the golf cart.  They also like to help on garbage days.  
Our group of "kids" (and a few adults) acting silly at Kiersten and Dylan's bridal shower.
              A Great Place For Kids to Grow and Make Memories