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It's all about family, friends, and togetherness.  Nothing like a week at the lake to relax and enjoy. 
Let's talk about it.  Friends gather for our big "Opening of Bass" weekend and we get to catch up on each other's lives. Many of us have not seen each other since last June.  Lots of fun here.
End of June finds the "Davis girls" and family along with Kemp family.  They have been our guests for over 40 years!!  
A fish fry and family game night are part of the tradition.
Just enjoying the beach and watching people is a number one thing to do when finished fishing for the day.
What are they waiting for?????  I can't say, but it was a fun afternoon!!!
Anyone hungry?  Bruce cooks his famous french fries!
What is this?  It looks like a meeting... or maybe an initiation.  It's a pretty tough crowd but in the end, Ben made the grade.  Welcome Ben to the ____es!
We are so lucky that so many of our guests jump in to give us a hand.  As we have said so many times before, we could not successfully run this business without all the help.  
Here Pat along with his 2 grandsons, Taylor and Cody, help build a railing.
Eric, Tom, Jeff, Rick, Casey and Tim jump in to help Ed get a boat ready to store for the winter.  Thanks guys.
So Dell got a new dishwasher!  Hooray! Seeing as John is an electrician, Abby "volunteered" him to install it for us.  Thankfully, John is a patient guy because installing anything in a house that is over 150 years old and is neither square, plumb, or level is a challenge.  Abby, Bob, Cindy, and Ed watched and gave moral support.  Thanks again John and Bob.  
The "Shippensburg team" (Nick, Adam, Caleb, Jared, Steven & Michael) help change tires on the trailer.
Bill, David and Michael help refashion our trailer in order to take the Brush Hog to the fixit shop. McGuyver has nothing on these guys.  
Michael makes sure the cottages have wood for their campfires.  
Sad day when the golf cart died.  Great news however, after much analyzing and parts changing, it is up and working again.
Where is all the help when a tree comes crashing down?  Luckily, Greg was here and was able to make fast work of cleaning up the mess.