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Housekeeping cottages in beautiful Ontario, Canada
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              A Great Place For Kids to Grow and Make Memories
Our own grandkids and the grandkids of the core of our "Canada family" have always been pictured here.  They are now all adults, many of them are married or getting married soon.  Some already have children of their own.  Many of these pictures now are of the next generation.  They already love Lloyd's Cottages as their parents and grandparents always have.  
Fletcher and Robbie love to ride in the golfcart, or just sit in it for their snacktime.
Fletcher and his dad play Tetherball, an old tradition at Lloyd's Cottages.  But Jackson thinks it is a sandbox.  It definitely is and can be both.  
Branden always brings his guitar and we all love to gather around and listen.  Fletcher is making sure he keeps playing so he can dance some more.  
Robbie is showing Fletcher how to stomp on the rocket and then Fletcher gives it a try.  
Kids from every generation have loved playing in the creek.  They find frogs, crayfish and lots of interesting things.  
Taking advantage of the beautiful clear and cool lake water on a hot summer day.  What more can a kid ask for.  
These girls got "Tom Sawyered" into painting Dad's trailer.  I don't think they thought this was a fun thing to do on their summer vacation but they did a good job.  
Start them out young learning how to fish.  Lots of "sunnies" caught off this dock.